Ext. Sec. campout is a success!

Can I get you anything? Here have an astronaut.

Ashes O’Capitalism to his adored wife, Victory LeFey.
The mosquitos weren’t terrible, but they were present. (Megatron and Dsurion watching the show)

While the External Security virtual campout had some hiccups, there was certainly a lot to be enjoyed. Seeings how this was our first live test, we’re feeling really good about what we learned and the direction we need to take to make it even more robust and accessible.

Some folx had trouble logging in, while others had a seamless experience. Some enjoyed the shows, some found them unsatisfactory from a sound perspective. Some took to creating lots and lots of 3D objects.

We know that there is a lot of wonderful work happening in different ways around the Fair. We’re really looking forward to interfacing with them and being part of the 51st Oregon Country Fair and the 1st Virtual Oregon Country Fair.

If you have thoughts or comments you’d like to share with us, please leave a comment below, or use our support form.

Much Love,

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