What a Week it’s Been

It’s been a week since the first test run of Oregon Country Fair in the Clouds. The members of m8rix are not feeling nearly as much deadline pressure as we did last week, but things are still moving along. 

We Are Official!

Our biggest news of the week is that we met with Crystalyn, OCF Operations Manager, and the lead on the virtual OCF project. We now have the official blessings of the Oregon Country Fair! m8rix’s Oregon Country Fair in the Clouds is now an officially sanctioned OCF project. This is a tremendous validation of the huge amount of work we have done so far. We are looking forward to linking up with all of the other virtual OCF projects.

Speaking of Other Teams

Community Village Virtual Fair Experience

Salt, m8rix’s main Project Manager, and the person who keeps things moving along smoothly, has made contact with Community Village’s amazing Virtual Fair Experience. While m8rix is busy creating channels for content delivery, Community Village is creating virtual Fair content. Community Village is planning workshops, entertainment, an opening circle, and plenty more. You can check out their work here:

m8rix is working with Crafter’s to make virtual booths

We have begun connecting with individual crafters to design a virtual booth which all Crafters can use as a storefront.

While Fairies are strolling the virtual Eight, we want to give everyone the chance to visit their favorite artisans. If you want to make a purchase, we will have options available. 

m8rix is Reaching Out to Other Virtual OCF Groups

Now that we are officially in the loop, m8rix will be connecting with other groups working to virtualize the Fair. 

  • Cartography has a 2D map of the Fair with links to points of interest, and virtual projects. We will be interfacing with them as soon as we can.
  • The Ritz has plans for songs around the fire, and apparently a wealth of video content they are looking to contribute to the virtual experience. 
  • We have new connections with Ambiance Crew. You need Ambiance if you want a true look and feel of the Fair.
  • Stay tuned for more updates as we connect with other virtual Fair work groups. 

Look and Feel of Xavanadu is Improving

Chris, who is responsible for the translating a map of the Fairgrounds into a virtual space, has swapped out hats. Normally he’s digging deep into code and making things work. In the week since our virtual External Security Camp Out, Chris has been trying his hand at 3D modeling. As a result, the look of XavanaeduToo is starting to have the look and feel of the actual Xavanadu.

In the mad dash to put up something for the External Security Camp Out last week, we had to focus on making the Virtual Xavanadu work. As a result, we didn’t have enough time to make the space reflect the look of the Fair.

This is by no means a finished product, but now we have some variety for you to see when you stroll through XavanaduToo. The booths in XavanaduToo are starting to reflect the artistry and variety of the Fair. 

While you virtually stroll XavanaduToo, you can check out posters from previous Fairs.

Would you like to see how things are progressing? Here’s a video walk-thru of our current version of XavanaduToo.

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