We Are All Avatars

In the Fair in the Clouds, everyone is an avatar. When you’re watching a show at the virtual Main Stage, you are an avatar. You are an avatar when you are strolling The m8rix (The Eight in the Clouds), hanging at the Community Village in the Clouds, or waiting for your friends at the Peach Gate in the Clouds. In the Fair in the Clouds, you are always an avatar.

If you want, you can be a robot, and accept your default avatar. 

However, if you happen to find yourself waiting for your friends at Peach Gate in the Clouds, you might have time to choose a different avatar. If you want to do that, this the Fair in the Clouds avatar blog for you.

If you simply want to try out a different stock avatar go up to the hamburger menu at the top left of your screen. Choose Set Name & Avatar from the pull down menu.

Something to do while you’re waiting for your friends at Peach Gate.

You will find yourself in a window looking at a robot avatar in the style of this guy:

If you don’t want to be a robot, you can click on the “Browse Avatars” button. In which case, you will find yourself in this window:

You can be Allessandra:     

You can be Todd:

Metal Guy:

Or Cubegradient 1:

Or, choose one of the other avatar options.

Whichever you choose,  click on the Accept button and you’re good to go. You will have your own slightly unique, default avatar, and you’ll be ready for the Fair in the Clouds. 

You will look something like this, when your friends see you in the m8rix.

If you want to sport a custom avatar, the best place we’ve been able to find is

If it works for you, this site is a great place to turn selfies into custom avatars. You can use your computer, or phone camera, or use an existing photo. I have had some difficulty getting access to my camera through the app, or even getting off of the initial page. On my computer, I refreshed the page, and was able to move on. My success on phone and tablet has been good, but not great.

Stick with it.

Click “Create Avatar,” choose your gender, take a photo, and you’ll have a young, perfect version of you, to decorate.

You have an array of customizable choices. Work your way through the choices. Change your hair color, eyes, and clothing, and you’re even more customized.

Click on “Copy” below the “Your Avatar is Ready” notice.

Then go back into the Fair in the Clouds. Click on the hamburger button at the top left of your screen. Click on “Set Name and Avatar”

When you click on “Set Name and Avatar” you will go to the “Name and Avatar” window.

Click on “Browse Avatars,” which will take you to the window with all of the avatar choices.

Click on the red  ‘Avatar GLB URL” link in the upper right corner.

Paste the link you copied when you finished making your Avatar in

And you will be sporting your bold, new look as you strut your stuff in the m8rix. Watch a few shows, grab a virtual falafel, or just hang with your friends. You will be looking sharp, clean, crisp, and possibly twenty years younger. 

Have Fun. You’ve earned it.

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