Booths a Popping

The Country Fair isn’t the Fair without the crafters. Okay, and maybe the Fair wouldn’t be the Fair without Vaudville. Also, Peachy the dragon, and Main Stage, …but without the Crafters, none of it can happen. Oh. and the Ritz. The Ritz is pretty cool. 

Still, you can’t create the Fair without the crafters.

We can’t create the Fair in the Clouds without crafters either. Maybe you’re a crafter with a booth looking for a virtual landing spot. We in the m8rix want to help make that happen.

Right now, one of the top priorities of m8rix is helping crafters set up booths in Fair in the Clouds. Just like in the real world Fair, all over the m8rix, booths are popping up during the weeks before the gates open. 

I asked around the m8rix to find out how many booths are in the m8rix. After some discussion about the m8rix map, and the Peach Pit map, Hera, who placed most of the booths, answered: “Pretty much all of them.”

Somehow, we’ve managed to get pretty much all of the standard Country Fair booths into the m8rix.

Which means, if you have a booth in the real world Fair, or Saturday Market, we have space for you in the m8rix.

First thing: Join the m8rix discord server. You will need to join the m8rix discord server to gain access to the tools you will need to build your booth. 

Once you join the discord server, find the Helping Hands crew channel  and introduce yourself. The Helping Hands Crew is focused on helping Booth Folk set up shop. They’re keeping an eye out for you. You can also find them everyday at 11 am in Peach Gate.

After that, check out the Booth Decorating Guidelines and the Booth Decorating Tutorials.

From here on out in the booth creation process, you will be an avatar, creating a booth in virtual space. 

You will want to find the spot where your booth would normally appear in meat space. There are no numbers yet, and booths are placed approximately according to their real world coordinates. Someone else may have moved into the booth that most aligns with your physical booth space. There should be plenty of empty booths nearby. 

Once you settle on a booth, you can decorate it on the spot. Or just pin a single object to the booth to reserve it

According to Adam, part of m8rix’s Helping Hands Crew: 

“A basic booth will have photos of the booth or crafts imported into the virtual m8trix. Those are two dimensional objects that need to be oriented appropriately to fit into the booth scene and also be visible to observers. Importing is easy,  you just drag and drop from your computer to the website. Once in the virtual world, however, you must learn a few basics to move the objects around the space.

My first piece of advice is to position your avatar looking as squarely at the spot you would like to place your object as possible. When you import, the object will already be close to where you want it.”

What all of this means is: Setting up a booth in the Fair in the Clouds is easy.

So easy.

If you are a juried crafter in either the Oregon Country Fair, or Eugene’s Saturday Market, you should definitely get on into the m8rix and claim your spot.

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I’m still in the real clouds and trying. Where do I find the m8rix discord server. I looked up the word discord the other day thinking that would help me – now I can’t remember what I read. 68 and still hoping to be part of virtual fair.

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