Bringing the Fair to m8rix

The GPU Crew

I want to convince you to join the m8rix GPU Crew. We need 2D and 3D artists to help recreate the Fair inside the m8rix. 

A little over a week ago, much of the Fair in the Clouds was still made up of the graphics of an old OCF communication map, overlaying the lidar map of the area. When you walked around the m8rix, all you saw were the lines of the map, at ground level. 

It was like being an ant, walking around on an old OCF Communication Map. 

Now, there’s a Fairground there. There is grass, and trees, and the Long Tom. There are booths and stages, and landmarks. It’s getting to the point where you can visualize which part of the Fair you are walking through. 

That’s all because of the GPU Crew. The GPU Crew is a bunch of 2D and 3D artists who pop into the m8rix, create some art, and then pop back out again. Visually, this is the part of the Fair in the Clouds that is most reflective of its real world counterpart. 

In the weeks between the opening of Main Camp and the Fair, Construction Crew and Site Crew work hard to prepare the Fairgrounds to host the Fair. If you walk the real world Eight in early June, you can see potential for the Fair in all of the overgrown booths and paths. You can also see that there is a lot of work needed before we open the gates to the public. 

The same goes for walking the m8rix. You can see the Fair in the m8rix, but you can also see the work ahead. 

Because Fair in the Clouds is virtual, all of the work is done on the computer. 

Recently, someone on GPU Crew created porta potties. So, the Fair in the Clouds can now have porta potties. Also, there are rumors of a whack a mole style porta potty online game, but, that’s a different crew. 

And now there are recycling stations. Because the GPU Crew is so cool.

If Zak tells you to go get a smoothie, m8rix has got you covered.

Need to figure out where you are in the Fair, or maybe teleport back to the Stonehenge Peach Gate in the Clouds? GPU Crew created bits of Stonehenge and placed them strategically around the m8rix. If you are wandering the m8rix and want to get back to another part of Fair in the Clouds, find a stonehenge and click on the link.

Like I said, GPU Crew is awesome, but they are only human. There’s still a lot of Fair to build, and a short time to do it. If you would like a chance to leave your mark on the Fair in the Clouds jump into the Crew FUNnel! A Fairy Wrangler will connect you with our GPU Crew. 

Who knows?  In just under a week, thousands of people can be viewing your artwork along the pathways of the m8rix. 

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