Get to Know Your Virtual Oregon Country Fair

Helping to salve the sting of the Fair that Wasn’t There

I feel like I’m not breaking news here, but there will be no Fair in Veneta this Summer. We hope to throw a party on the Fairgrounds in 2021, but no Fair in 2020.

Happily though, that’s not the end of the story, because there will be an Oregon Country Fair in the Clouds. We won’t gather in Veneta, but we can gather online. 

Starting Friday, July 10th, you can enter the virtual Oregon Country Fair by going to Then, just like every other year, the Fair will be open through the weekend.

Once Friday rolls around, when you click on the “This Year’s Event” you will be taken to the landing page of the Virtual Fair Experi-Meant.

If you see this page, you are in the right place. Consider this the Peach Gate to the Virtual Oregon Country Fair. From this page, you can get to all of the virtual events inside the Virtual Oregon Country Fair. We’ve prepared quite a few events to help ease the loss of the real world 2020 Fair.

Probably the centerpiece of the Virtual Peach Gate is the “Happening Now, Live” button. Whatever is happening somewhere in the virtual OCF, this is the link to find it. Music, Workshops, Spoken Word performances, if it’s happening the the Virtual Fair, you’ll find it here. With 13 stages, and something like 100 acts on the schedule, there is a lot happening. 

Or, as Kirk Shultz, part of the Virtual Oregon Country Fair steering committee, says, “…3 days of live streaming with many many acts, bits, videos, music, speaking, workshops, panels and more. (This is OCF TV!) Different shows each day.”

Or, you can enter the Peach Portal, where a rogue, secretive, ocf-based, multi-crew hacker collective known as m8rix, has succeeded in bringing the Oregon Country Fair to a semi-immersive 3D environment. Wander the m8rix on your phone or computer. Check out Crafter’s booths, listen to music at the virtual stages. Run into friends on the paths.

If you get lost, or need some help, m8rix’s Helping Hands Crew will be available at the Peach Gate in the Clouds.

“Artisan Marketplace” will take you to links for many of the artisans whose booths you would normally visit during the Fair. I’ve heard that numerous crafters are creating special items to commemorate the Pandemic Fair That Wasn’t There.

“Take a Walk around the Eight,”  is our Cartography Crew’s amazing effort to provide a Story Map Experience. An interactive version of the Peach Pit Map can lead you around the grounds while you click links on booths, areas, stages, Whitebird and more.

Part of Cartography’s interactive Peach Pit Map

“Teddy Bear Talks” is the OCF version of TED Talks. Expect insights, humor, and deep ponderations from the folks who take their turn at the mic.

“Commemorative Fair Items” is just like the Commemorative Booths at the Fair. Come get your Fair Schwag. This year, everyone will want to be sporting their very own NOCF Shirt!

“On Demand Videos.” These are wonderful items both new and past organized by stage/area that can be watched playlist style. Get your Vaudeville, Solar stages and more here!

“Ye Old Live Stream Schedule” is where you can find other items Streaming accross the weekend in addition to the Main Peach Stream

“KOCF will host the virtual Hoarse Chorale the weekend of July 10th.  There will be 3 bands on Friday and 3 on Sunday with only a virtual audience.  In addition there will be live remote bands performing and those will also be broadcast live.  

We will also replay the performances beginning at 9pm each evening on our program “Live From the Oregon Country Fair” on KOCF.” ~ Andy Goldfinger, KOCF.

“Films from the Archives” will link you to videos on demand or into the deeper files curated by many and lead by Paxton. (this along with others, is an item that we hope will grow in the coming months)

The Black Lives Matter “Resources and Education” link takes you to items provided by our Diversity Committee and others from our BIPOC community

Yes. The sad truth is: we don’t get to party in meat space this weekend. But, if you are feeling blue because the Fair isn’t There, at least you have The Virtual Fair. All weekend long. 

With a big, big hat tip of Kirk Schultz, from Construction Crew, and the Virtual Fair Steering Committee, for writing big chunks of this blog post. 

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Hey Getch,
This looks like fun. I helped Sean B record Laura Kemp, Jerremy and Sean last Sunday and I’m looking forward to seeing that video.

says my email does not exist will not let me in ….this will be the 1st fair i have missed in 34 years…sad to be denied access my 1st year as an elder.. i am actually crying right now… no one will respond to my comments about this…..peaches…from a broken heart …have fun for me………….

says my email does not exist will not let me in ….this will be the 1st fair i have missed in 34 years…sad to be denied access my 1st year as an elder.. i am actually crying right now… no one will respond to my comments about this…..peaches…from a broken heart …have fun for me………….

Hi Cynthia!

Have you checked your email for a verification from Discord? It might have ended up in your spam filter. 🙂

Thank you soooo much to all of you who have worked to weave this ‘Fair in the Clouds’ for us! Yes, it does help soften the sting!
Indi Stern-Hayworth
Radar Angels &
Aka Argyle Country Fairy

Hi. Best of luck on the virtual fair. I am actually bringing a question about 2021. Do you have dates settled for NEXT year? People I know are trying to plan other summer activities for 2021 (e.g., reservations for other trips), and would like to plan ahead. Thanks.

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