About OCF in the Clouds 3D Experience

Our Vision:

To create a beautiful and functional virtual Oregon Country Fair in the Clouds 3D Experience that reflects the magic of the Fair.

Vision in the Clouds

What is this?

Oregon Country Fair in the Clouds 3D Experience is an official Oregon Country Fair project intended to provide a 3D/virtual representation of the OCF, complete with stage acts, booths, and the ability to wander the Eight.

OCF in the Clouds is also being built with collaboration and cooperation with other virtual OCF projects in mind. While we may not be able to gather in person this year, we still want to be able to gather our family together in spirit, and this is one small way we hope to be able to do that. You can learn more about the project here.

Who’s behind this project?

Initially dreamed up by a group of External Security crew techies, this project has evolved to become a collaborative effort by a number of OCF volunteers and vendors from a variety of crews and booths. Learn more about the team here.

All are welcome to participate, and anyone wanting to partner up with OCF in the Clouds is encouraged to drop us a line. Whether you’re an individual or representing another OCF group, we’d love to hear from you!

Is this an official OCF thing?

This is an official OCF thing. Every member of the team is part of the OCF Family, and we’re operating with the blessing of OCF management. That said, we don’t hold a monopoly on virtual OCF events; while we’re doing a cool virtual OCF thing, we’re not the only team doing a cool virtual OCF thing. We’ll be linking to other teams’ work as they start to get off the ground, so check back often! In the meantime, you can read about some of the other projects going on in our blog.

Testing. Testing.
In Beta Testing.

While we’re excited about the progress we’ve made so far, we recognize we still have a ways to go before we’re ready for primetime.

Love, gratitude, and many thanks to all the continued support and effort the community brings to this ambitious effort. There’s a lot of work left to do, and we’ll get there.

With love,
m8rix Crew