How to walk, hop and fly in XavanaduToo.

Once you click on the Peach Portal, and have made it into the virtual Fair, you will need to know how to move around. This is the tutorial for you.

Basic Navigation:

Turn Right: E key

Turn Left: Q key

The basic mouse movements:

The Left mouse button allows you to change the perspective of your avatar by moving your mouse, we call this your camera: 

Look up, look down, turn right, turn left

You can use your left mouse button in coordination with the W,A,S,D keys, and directional arrows to move smoothly in all directions. 

How to run:

The Shift key, in combination with the W,A,S,D keys, and directional arrows will allow you to run.

You can also run using these same key combinations while navigating with your mouse:

Left mouse button, Shift key and W,A,S,D keys and directional arrows 

Advanced Navigating:

How to fly:

Press the G key, and you will enable flight mode

Once you are airborne, use the Left Mouse Button to look up into the sky. 

Now use the same navigation keys you use on the ground to move around in the air.

Move forward: W key, Up arrow

Move backward: S key, Down arrow

Slide Right: D key, Right arrow

Slide Left: A key, Left arrow

Look Right: E key

Look Left: Q key

Fly fast: Shift key

You can also float by not doing anything.

When you are done flying, make sure you are away from trees, or anything solid, and press G.

Flight mode will be disabled, and you will be on the ground again. 

Note: if you are above anything solid when you press G, while in Flight Mode, you will get caught in trees, or booths, or whatever is below you. 

How to hop:

Press the Right mouse button. 

A glowing green circle will appear a short distance in front of you. 

Release the Right mouse button, and you will hop to the spot with the green circle.

That’s it!  You are now ready to join the fun!