“What Now?”

Fair in the Clouds had a soft opening this weekend. We opened the virtual gates to Fair Family, in an online equivalent to the yearly, real-world opening of Main Camp. As openings go, well, everything worked, but not everyone got in. Once you got inside Fair in the Clouds, we had entertainment, we had paths to wander, we had people to talk to. The trouble is: it turned out to be a little difficult getting in.  We had nearly 500 people sign into the Discord server, but only 200 people actually made it to the Fairgrounds in the Cloud.  

m8rix looked at this weekend as a pressure test on the system. The only way to test a large number of sign-ins was to invite a large number of people onto the platform. If you were one of the folx that didn’t quite make it all the way, we’ve added some new language to The Peach Portal page that might be helpful. If you are still having problems, be sure to head over to our Help! page and submit a help request. We are very responsive. 

Hopefully, you did make it all the way through the Peach Portal, and wandered the virtual Eight. Congratulations. At least one person who made that far, all the way to strolling the virtual Eight, left us one profound question. 

“What Now?”

That’s a good question. Sure, Fair Family can now explore a lidar-mapped recreation of the Fairgrounds, but a lot of it doesn’t even look like the Fair yet. A lot of It is a bunch of red, black and yellow. What is someone supposed to do with that?

To answer that, think about the opening of Main Camp every year at the Fairgrounds. Main Camp opens on the weekend after Memorial Day, every year, except this pandemic year. Every year, when Main Camp opens, we are not ready to host 50,000 hippies for a big three day love fest. 

Main Camp, getting busy.

The first weekend of Main Camp is filled with assessing how much work has to be done, and putting together this year’s crew of people who are going to help get the work done. 

There are downed trees,

A little less shade in Main Stage Meadow

busted booths,

Winter is often hard on the booths of the Fair.

Overgrown fields,

And not fully grown cowboys.

and who knows how many bureaucratic, interpersonal snafus that need mending.

Zak, teaches us how to un-snafu our interpersonal relations

We always manage to sort that all out, and then,  every year, on the second weekend of July, we party. 

Wally and the Board are committed to having some sort of virtual event during the weekend of the Fair. Right now, that’s what this is all about. On July 10, 11, 12th, we are planning on inviting thousands of people to join us in the Fair in the Clouds. We are offering people the m8rix as a substitute for the real world Fair. 

We have 13 stages that can broadcast live acts, or archived material from deep in the OCF vault. Do you have experience with booking and supporting live music? Let us know. We can use your help.

We have created templates so that crafters can host their virtual booths in the m8rix. Just like every other fair, you can stroll the Eight and check out your favorite crafter’s booth. Are you a crafter who wants to put up a booth in Fair in the Clouds? Jump into our Booth Folk FUNnel

Oh so important: are you an artist, who would like to join the virtual Fair’s construction crew? We need 3D and 2D artists to recreate the iconic spaces within the Eight. Would you like to leave your artistic mark on the virtual Fair in the Clouds? Jump on the m8rix Crew FUNnel. We will give you a piece of the Fair to bring to life. 

Maybe you see yourself as a Fairy Wrangler. m8rix is going need people to help sort volunteers into the spots that best suit their skills. Is that you? We’d love to have you. Let us know through the m8rix Crew FUNnel

Just like any other year at the Oregon Country Fair, now is the time to get things up and running. Come check out the Oregon Country Fair in the Clouds 3D Experience. Maybe you will be inspired to bring your talents online. 

See ya soon,


Go on in. You know you want to.