The Booth Folk FUNnel

Dearest Booth Family,

Fair is underway, but many of you are still building your booths. Please feel free to continue working on your booths from the Backstage areas. For more information on how to continue working on your booth please visit the Booth & Venue Page.

If you are getting started with your booth, we hope you find the following information useful.

Introductory Materials

The Current Plan

There are 10 “rooms” that make up The m8rix.

  • Peach Gate
  • Dragon Plaza
  • Chela Mela
  • Community Village
  • E. 13th
  • Jill’s Crossing
  • Xavanadu
  • The Ritz
  • Mainstage
  • Upper River

With the exception of Peach Gate, every “room” has booths in it that you can claim as your booth. We are (presently) neither numbering the booths, nor keeping track of who goes where. We simply do not have the bandwidth to do that. However, we are ensuring that everyone who receives this email is either approved by OCF to be in a booth or is currently pending review and approval.

Important: Before starting any of the steps below, make sure you’ve joined our Discord server and introduced yourself! This will help our Helping Hands crew coordinate with you and keep things running smoothly.

When you find a booth to your liking, simply pin an item to that booth, preferably a picture of your booth, or your logo. Be sure others can see it clearly, to avoid confusion over who has claimed a booth. And be absolutely sure you have pinned the item. If you do not pin the image, it will disappear after you log out. We recommend that you clearly pin your image, log out, and log back in to be sure you did it properly. Instruction on how to bring assets into a room and to pin them are found in the Booth Decorating Tutorial.

You are more than welcome to start decorating your booth, in accordance with the Booth Decorating Guidelines.

Helping Hands Crew are Here to Help

Helping Hands Crew are hosting weekly “office hours” at Peach Gate in the Clouds to help you with hands-on learning of how to manipulate objects in the Clouds. We are also available to help with navigation and or audio/visual issues you may be having. These hours are subject to change, but for now we have:

11am – 1pm Everyday with Ant B

3pm Tuesday & Friday with Chris: Includes Advanced Booth Decorating

I addition, on most days, several Helping Hands are available in the Discord Server to answer questions and work with you. Here is a link to our Discord Server one more time. When you are there, look at the menu of channels on the left and find the category “Booth & Stage Folk.” In that category is a channel for “general-discussion.” Let’s chat about our ideas!

If you have further questions or concerns please reach out to us from our HELP! form.